ABI is a privately owned company that connects international food producers to markets within the U.S., providing knowledgeable assistance with U.S. customs brokers and various government agencies such as the Federal Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture. This assistance includes required product registration and appropriate customs duty fees.
Our management team has many years of experience helping international companies introduce, distribute, and market their food products throughout the U.S. including the lucrative markets centered in New York and California.ABI’s core business role is to support, in a variety of ways, market, sell, and distribute their client’s food products.   These products include green coffee beans, olive oil, natural juices, natural brown sugar, organic beans, organic wines, natural beauty creams, rums, beers, energy drinks, and all kind of natural foods.

Importation Standards for food products entering the United of States:

  1. The international food producer must have an FDA FACILITY registration number, an FDA PRODUCT registration number, a U.S communication agent, and product liability insurance.
  2. The product must meet the labeling laws of the United States which includes a table of contents and a standard listing of product nutrition facts, all presented in both English and in the language of the product origin country.


Please note that ABI can provide assistance in meeting these Importation Standards.
ALOBAL BRAND INC, assist and support you.  Why do so many new products fail?  For the most part companies often are so closed of their new product ideas, or trademarks that they fail to do their research properly or they ignore what the research tells them. Sometimes the pricing or the distribution channels are wrong. Sometimes the advertising does not communicate clearly with the end consumer.  Successful product launches result from an integrated process that relies heavily on research and solving up-front issues before we can take them to be introduced and marketed in the U.S.  Let’s review several of the critical issues that affect product introductions.

Market research

ALOBAL BRANDS INC. knows the market and have a lot of experience introducing products to U.S.A. market. Market research is the key. Without the necessary information, you are simply flying blind in a storm, headed for a crash landing. Market research does more than confirm your “Intuition,” it provides critical information and direction. It identifies market needs and wants, product features, pricing, decision makers, distribution channels and motivation to buy. They are all critical to the decision process.

Before bringing their products to the U.S.A We ask our clients to ask themselves the following questions:

Who is going to sell the product? Can you use the same distribution channels you currently use? Can you use the same independent representatives or sales force? Is there a sufficient sales potential in the new product to convince a distributor, retailer, or agent to take on the new product? There are significant up-front selling costs involved in introducing new products. Everyone in the channel wants some assurance that the investment of time and money will be recovered.

We have identified two aspects for a new product to be successful introduced in the U.S.


Your sales organization, inside employees, and distribution channels will need to be trained about the new product. If the product is sufficiently complex, you may need to provide face-to-face training. Or perhaps some type of multimedia program will do the work. The idea of digital marketing, social media, such as instagram, Twitter, facebook, is crucial and if the product is not that complex, literature, postcards, brochures may work. Again, timing is critical. Train before the product hits the shelves, not after.


Finally, you need the promotional program to support the introduction: advertising, trade shows, social media, promotional literature, technical literature, products samples, incentives, Web site, seminars, public relations. Not done the above at first or measure the timing with all of the production, inventory, shipments, and training. The new product will simply sit in the warehouse without the right support materials. These are some of the critical issues you face in launching a new food product in the United States of America, identified by ALOBAL BRAND INC. professional team.

ALOBAL BRAND INC recommend you to hire a firm to help you navigate the U.S product foods laws, consumer buying behavior, consumer cultural preferences, and U.S consumer nationwide economical buying power and food product labeling requirements before the introduction of any products in the U.S Market Economy.  The advice of a professional team and research, timing, and planning will provide your company and your products brands with a better probability of   success.